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Okinawa blue cave diving shop, okinawa diving club Sakura information.

Okinawa diving club sakura, even one person in Okinawa diving, and trought okinawa diving club Sakura can experience the excitement of the sea, and the pleasures of meeting the people gathered there.

Staff policy

For us the most important thing is the satisfied smiling faces of our clients.

We are pleased to introduce our Okinawa Diving Club Sakura staff !! we are waiting for everyone to come and see such a friendly staff! Okinawa diving club Sakura staff policy is as follows!

We provide sincere and
conscientious service
Altought it is an industry that gives and image of people who are just playing, there is no such thing at our company. Our experienced staff is able to make a natural experience from starting greetings to the end. Our customer assured
Staff enjoys together
with our customers
Customers don`t enjoy unless the staff himself enjoys it ... all the staff feels grateful to enjoy together with our customers.
Each plan will be held
with safety first
As a business operator providing marine services, we conduct staff training every day on a daily basis. Diving is a sport that depends on the equipment, there are staff capable of equipment maintenance (overhaul), so we can ensure to our guests that our equipment meet the required safety regulations.

3 free privileges

01 Unlimited memory picture

Underwater photographs during diving are the best memories.
Shoot & present of any number of pictures, without limitation, at diving club SAKURA.

02 Reserve sea & staff

Both, the sea and the instructor are reserved. A small group system and experienced staff for beginners that support our customers from "0 experience"

03 Stars of sand present

Present for all our customers.
A decoration that reminds you, the time you spent in Okinawa.

※ There are more privileges than the mentioned above, for details please see each plan from the plan introduction section!!

Staff introduction

Ryuma Odawara

  • Nickname Ryu's
  • Birthday 1993.10.7
  • Hobby Nap and bike
  • Hometown Tokyo
Ryuma Odawara
Ryuma Odawara
Working at this company for 4 years ^ ^ I am currently studying abroad in Canada! A service which small children and older customers can enjoy!!Such a customer's smile is the best energy source!

Madoka Nakamura

  • Nickname Madoka
  • Birthday 1992.7.11
  • Hobby Cafe · visit unknown places
  • Home place Hyogo ken
Madoka Nakamura
Madoka Nakamura
I love Okinawa, nature and the connection with people! Two years ago I went around the world on a peace boat and because I wanted to get involved more with the blue sea, I came to Okinawa. Although I am still inexperienced to guide many people in the sea that I love, I learn and practice on a daily basis ! There are plenty of personal recommendation spots, such as Okinawa's events and delicious rice shops around Meiwada Misaki, so please, don`t hesitate to attend the course (^ ^)

Takuma Sato

  • Nickname Taku
  • Birthday 1992.3.18
  • Hobby Music
  • Birthplace Nagasaki Prefecture
Takuma Sato
Takuma Sato
I tend to forget to have fun while I do what I want to do. Only half of me is enjoying the Okinawa`s sea, so let's have fun together while being touched by the charm of the sea!!

Tomomi Watabiki

  • Nickname Wata
  • Birthday 1988.12.31
  • Hobby ZUNBA・baritone saxophone, traveling
  • Hometown Chiba
Tomomi Watabiki
Tomomi Watabiki
Let's do things that we like in our twenties! I quit my television work that I loved and jumped into the ocean world \ (^ o ^) / Now, the dream that I want to fulfill is travel around the world backpacker!! I am expecting many encounters while being healed by the blue sea of Okinawa ♪ (о '∀ `о)



Okinawa Diving Sakura