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Please check health as following to for all participants to participate in the diving because we give first priority to safety!
All participants should check health.

Health check

If it corresponds to following health check items,medical certificate of docotor is necessary upon participation.
In order to feel easy to participate in diving and snorkel plan, please do check health.

  • Currently falling pregnant. Or has the possibility of it.
  • Currently taking the medicine by prescription(excluding pill and anti-malarial tablet)
  • Person who is 45 years of age or more is applicable to 1 of following items.
    • Smoke tube,cigar and tobacco.
    • Cholesterol vaue is high.
    • Family of person has medical history of heart attack and stroke.
    • Currently ake medical advice.
    • High blood pressure
    • Who has diabetes adjusts by meal recuperation.
  • Take or took hypotensive drug for high blood pressure and medicine to cotrol blood pressure.
    • Get or got heart disease.
    • Have or had heart attack.
    • Have an operation of angina,cardiac surgery or artery surgery.
    • Always has cold,sinusitis or bronchitis.Have or had lung disease(pneumonia etc).
    • Has unconsciousness and lose consciousness.(lose consciousness temporarily or completely)
    • The treatment for dysentery or dehydration is necessary.
    • Have or had pneumothorax.
    • Have or had other lung disease.or have an operation of lung(chest).
    • Have or had asthma,asthma when breathe,or wheezing when exercise.
    • Have or had behavior problems,mental problem and psychologic problem(anxiety attack,claustrophobia and agoraphobia etc.)
    • have a an epileptic,have a fit and go into convulsions or take medicine to avoid them.
    • Incite complicated migraine again and again or take medicine to avoid them.
    • Always gets car sickness.or gets car sickness violently(seasickness and car sickness etc)
    • Have or don't have diving incident and decompression sickness.
    • Can't exercise by moderate level(For example,can't walk by the distance of 1.6 kilometer within 12 minutes).
    • Have pollinosis or violent allergy symptoms or always have them.
    • Had head injury that lose consciousness last 5 years.
    • Always have bad back.
    • have an operation of paranasal sinus.
    • have ear disease an operation of ear and it is hearing impairments,balance sense equilibrium.
    • Have or had ear diease again and again.
    • Have or had bleeding or other blood obstacle.
    • Used narcotica drug for amusement last 5 years or used narcotica drug for treatment or depend on alcohol.
    • Have an operation of waist and backbone.
    • Have aftereffect of surgical operation of waist,arm and feet or aftereffect after external wound and fracture.
    • Have or not have diabetes.
    • Have or had hernia.
    • Have operation of ulceration or surgical operation of ulceration.
    • Have operation of artificial anus of the colon and the ileum.

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