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Hello~I am Bo form Hong Kong!
I am back to Okinawa for working holiday now!
If you had been diving at Okinawa through Sakuradiving last year between July to August , you should met me last summer!
I will be back totally because of Okinawa ’s ocean. It was surprise me every time when i was diving.
Therefore, I am back!!!
Whatever you are Hongkonger , Taiwanese, Chinese,  Korean or anywhere, don’t concern about language problem.
I will try my best to teach you all about diving or snorkeling skill that you can enjoy in Okinawa ocean and have an unforgettable experience of diving!!
To email now for more information and booking!!
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This time to introduce is  near American Village there is a shop selling Korean tofu pot, spicy degree can be free to choose!

Favorite eat is fast when finished, and then a single point plus a face down! Adsorption full of soup noodles even if every time to eat fast enough, or hard points to eat (laughs)

But this Korean pancake a little bit of mine, the last time I eat, turned out to be dry flat focus (collapse!)

a 無題Name: スントゥブドゥビドゥブ

Address: Japan, 〒904-0115 3-12, Mitahama, Kitakumacho, Nakato-gun, Naka-ku


Delicious Yakiniku!!!

This time we want to recommend  that we love to eat one of the stores, マ リ ブ canteen (maribu canteen),

At present in the central to eat the best to eat Yakiniku restraunt

There are very special very cold bitter gourd

Although the mountain bitter gourd has been a specialty of Okinawa, but from small to mostly afraid of bitter gourd bitterness I have not like to eat

But this is really God delicious! .

No bitterness at all!

a g

In addition they are home-made cattle, no matter which parts are delicious.

If you do not know what the starting point of the site, you can point to eat integrated dish Oh! .

Too often eat, eat staff know.

Sometimes there are fried donuts that can be brought home to eat


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