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It started with the thought of letting know to one person or many people, the splendor of the sea through diving in Okinawa, and the joyful encounter with the people who gathers there!. In Okinawa diving club SAKURA we are publishing the customers voice who participated in the course of diving, snorkeling, licensing acquisition! ♪ As follows there are some of the messages that we received from our customers. We are pleased by their comments.
I update the staff blog anytime, so you can refer to it if you want to participate!!

Blue cave snorkeling

Wataya Mirai, Shintaro Yamasaki and cute little girl.

Miss Mirai Wataya
It was my first time in Okinawa. Although it was a bit scary, my worries disappeared thanks to the kind explanations that I received from the staff.
My daughter is also shy, but I felt relieved after seeing who the staff talked to her. Thank you for being kind to my daughter. It was fun ☆ 彡

Mr Shintaro Yamasaki
Everyone was kind and very good.
I was impressed by the blueness of the cave.
I was happy of Seeing so many fishes.
Thank you very much.

little girl
A picture of a pretty fish was included in the message ^ ^ ^ ^

customer voice 1 ~

Blue cave snorkeling

Eri Omori, Yutaro Kamada

Eri Omori
Today is the 7th time in Okinawa and I come to the blue cave every year. I choosed diving club Okinawa Sakura after checking their website. I was very satisfied with Sharan Shin and Taru.
Because we have friends in Okinawa, we plan to reserve again, next year at the end of June.

customer voice 2 ~

Blue cave diving experience

Hang Gyeong-gun (football Korea Representative), Kim Ji So

Mr. Hang Gyeong-gyun
(football Korea Representative)
It was really fun and the person who was in charge of us was so kind.
I would like to do it again.

Kim Ji So
I was worried because it was my first time, but I enjoyed more than I thought.

customer voice 3 ~

Blue cave snorkeling experience

Miho Oshiro, Eriko Kaneko

Miho Oshiro
Did you enjoy today?
Although they got stuck in the traffic, the staff was very good dealing with it!! (Delivering tea)
I was touched by the beauty inside the cave ☆ 彡
I took a lot of pictures and I am quite satisfied.
I will definitely come again.
The Staff was so fun!
Thank you for today!!

Ms. Eriko Kaneko
I was surprised by the blueness of the sea inside the cave!
It was so fun, I swam a lot and saw many fishes.
Because the staff gently pulled me up firmly, I was able to experience the best snorkeling.
If I come back to Okinawa, I will do it again for sure!

customer voice 4 ~

Blue cave snorkeling

Hitomi Kurashima, Mari Uehara

Kurashima Hitomi
When I came before I did diving, but this time I enjoyed snorkeling as much as diving.
The blue cave was so beautiful.
I was a little tired of today Okinawa sea but this time it was very fun. Thank you very much.
I want to come back again!!

Mari Uehara
I am in a school trip. It was good to enjoy the sea first time in Okinawa.
I was able to inmerse in the sea with confidence by being kindly taught in a small group system.
It was fun not only to see the underwater photograph but also to listen the fishes explanation.
I was moved by the beautiful blue of the sea!!
If I have another chance, I definitely chooser Mr. Seamor.
After rising, the mugwagi tea that I drank was delicious.
Thank you very much.

customer voice 5 ~

Blue cave diving experience

Tsuruo Furuya, Masaki Ishioka

I always come to Okinawa, but I dived first time and I was touched by the beauty of the sea.
The staff was very friendly.
Next time I will have my diving license and I would like to dive with okinawa diving club SAKURA again.
I'm really thankful.

Mr. Ishioka
I was able to experience diving, first time on my birthday and I made a very good memories.
It was a beautiful blue cave with good weather and a nice ocean.
I am looking forward to the pictures.Thank you again.

customer voice 6 ~

Fan diving


I choosed this company about 5 times.
The staffis friendly and you can happily dive.
When I come back to Okinawa I think I will do the same again.
Thank you very much.

customer voice 7 ~

Blue cave diving experience

Aiko Matsumoto, Mr. Satoshi Matsumoto

Aiko Matsumoto
It is the first time that I dived in Okinawa.
I felt uneasy when I start to immerse in the ocean,but thanks to the staff's kindness I got rid of the anxiety and I was able to enjoy diving. I also want to diving.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Satoshi Matsumoto
Although it was my second time in Okinawa, I experienced diving for the first time, snorkeling is good but diving is even better.
I think that the instructor is a polite person and we will surely come again.
Thank you very much.

customer voice 8 ~

Okinawa Diving Sakura